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    Chokers: The Ultimate Guide – Part 2: DIY

    It’s been a while since I last posted a DIY on the blog. So happy I’m back with this very easy and creative one that any of you can make. As you know from the previous post, chokers have been worn since the French revolution and will send you to the next step of being chic. They elongate your neck and give off ‘fashion expert’ vibes. Be careful, however, in how tight they are on your neck. Not only is it dangerous, but also it doesn’t look flattering. So without further ado, take a look at the easy steps I’ve shared.      What you’ll need: ribbon or any sort…

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    The World Deserves to be a Better Place

    I have no idea in what direction we are all heading right now. I don’t know why things aren’t improving, although everybody seems to be working hard to achieve their goals and develop. Everybody is asking themselves a big question: why are we improving and destroying our lives at the same time? Please read this short article, it is really important. You’ve all heard the quote “We live in a big world”. But have you ever actually thought what this really means? Have you ever linked this statement to your own life? I’m afraid many of you haven’t. Because it takes a lot to realize on how many levels, aspects…

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    Sofia Jazz Festival

    A few days ago I attended the A to JazZ Festival in Sofia. It was such a lovely experience – there was so much space for everybody, the music was amazing and the weather was perfect. There were all sorts of people there – from kids running around to old people who have come just to listen to the good music. What I enjoyed most was that everyone was having fun in their own way without disturbing others. From the photos you can probably see how beautiful it was in the South park of Sofia. Will definitely be sharing more shots from my future visits there! Преди няколко дни посетих…

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    Goodbye school!

    Finally the last day of school appoached and I’m not sure whether I feel happy or sad. Not sure if I will miss all of this hustle & bustle of being a student. There have been moments when I felt extremely bad about all of these difficult tests and projects I had to cover for a short amount of time… About those unexpected examinations and that drop of adrenalin in your blood when the teacher says your name… But these things are unforgettable because they are a part of this amazing journey called high school. It’s not only because you learn a lot, you meet many new people, but because…

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    Being Cosy for a Change

    Our lives are so full of life. A weird but absolutely true metaphor. This life consists of all of our ideas, passions, emotions, regrets, and we decide in what particular direction to aim all of this. During the last month or two I started feeling differently, perhaps more mature, or not really, but there is certainly a change. A change consisting of tiny and not so tiny things that happened to me, transormed my mind and inspired it to look at things with another eye. A change big enough to share with all of you. In a creative way. To be honest, I had no idea that I’d share this…

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    Autumn Landscape

    Autumn is officially here, cheries! And hopefully we will jump start this season with positive vibes! We’ll talk about trends, food, DIYs, and all kinds of inspiration. I know cold weather and rain may not be the most pleasant thing to all of you. But you can certainly make it less inferior by thinking in another way this year. Even though it is regarded as a dull season we can colour it in a thousand ways! We have all the clichès: pumpkin spice lattes, hot green teas, crisp air, fuzzy sweaters, movie nights, beautiful sceneries, and most importantly, cosy & quiet moments with your loved ones all to impatiently look…

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    Colourful Nessebar

    As I’m writing this article it’s raining in torrents outside, getting colder each day and my last year at school is approaching incredibly fast (acutally it’s 3 days away)! However, I’m still throwback thinking about my summer vacation and one of my favourite places as some of you already know – Nessebar. What I’ve prepared for you today are photographs I took of things and places I liked and found inspirational. I simply love strolling around in this town, exploring new shops, buying interesting souvenirs and so on. Their crafty stores are perhaps the ones I love visiting the most – they are so colourful, creative and pretty! Such an…

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    Happy first birthday the Radiant Cherie!

    Today is quite an exciting day – my blog is  turning 1! Like all the cheesy words you’ll here from everybody, who’s been doing something for the same amount of time, I’d say that the months flew so fast that I cannot even believe and realise it. I learned a lot, and have to learn so so so much more! I can’t wait to share my life with you guys, I’m so excited and inspired for my future and hopefully keep making my dreams come true, because a year ago I would not imagine myself still doing what am doing, and keep learning new things about fashion with the same…

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    Friday Afternoon

    We all love Fridays, don’t we? Especially when we have some extra time to waste. Today was quite a casual day for me – watched some TV, read a book, had a little workout and then went out for an afternoon walk with my friend Stella 🙂 We enjoyed some coffee and a few tasty bites in the mall and later went out to take a few pictures.

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    A Sweet Escape

    To be honest with you I wondered quite a lot how I would name this post because it feels pretty special to me. It was shot in a villiage, in the Rhodope mountains away from the heat, noise and dirt of the city. I needed this break so much because staying in Plovdiv the whole summer without travelling anywhere is not my cup of tea. I feel like I am programmed to be inspired and that’s why I need changes – and this was the one. Pretty simple, just like the title of the post. I didn’t entitle it “In the woods” or “Etno motives in the wind” because it…