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    The Radiant Cherie’s Bookshelf

    I recently put all the current books I’m reading on my bedside table. While watching them sitting there I decided I have to share them with you. I am one of those people reading many books at the same time. Basically, I have a book for every mood I’m in. Whether I’m feeling like I want to learn about fashion (a few of you may know I attend a fashion course, so I have to read them), read something romantic, read a poem or a nice wise story – I can always satisfy my needs with the right book. I hope to inspire you to read more because we are…

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    Blue Gingham in the Countryside

    Last week I was lucky enough to escape from the burning heat in Plovdiv and visit a lovely village to spend some quality time with my best friend – Dessy (who took all of these beautiful pictures) and her family. Since I don’t get to travel a lot recently, this visit helped me recharge and clear my mind from all the hustle & bustle in town. I advise you to go somewhere different from all of the places you go to every day – difference inspires people! Миналата седмица имах късмет да избягам от непоносимата жега в Пловдив и да посетя едно хубаво село и да прекарам малко време със…

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    The Red Church

    I recently visited the Red Church near Perushtitsa in Bulgaria with my friends. All I initially knew was that we were going to visit a church, but it actually turned out that the church is a late roman one and is now in ruins. Thankfully, people have found a way to preserve it for longer by excavating it in 1915, and its last renovation was in 2013. The floor of the church used to be covered with mosaics and the interior was decorated with frescoes. I have taken a few photographs of this magnificent place, so take a look: Преди няколко дни посетих Червената църква в Перущица с мои приятели.…

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    Sofia Jazz Festival

    A few days ago I attended the A to JazZ Festival in Sofia. It was such a lovely experience – there was so much space for everybody, the music was amazing and the weather was perfect. There were all sorts of people there – from kids running around to old people who have come just to listen to the good music. What I enjoyed most was that everyone was having fun in their own way without disturbing others. From the photos you can probably see how beautiful it was in the South park of Sofia. Will definitely be sharing more shots from my future visits there! Преди няколко дни посетих…

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    Being Cosy for a Change

    Our lives are so full of life. A weird but absolutely true metaphor. This life consists of all of our ideas, passions, emotions, regrets, and we decide in what particular direction to aim all of this. During the last month or two I started feeling differently, perhaps more mature, or not really, but there is certainly a change. A change consisting of tiny and not so tiny things that happened to me, transormed my mind and inspired it to look at things with another eye. A change big enough to share with all of you. In a creative way. To be honest, I had no idea that I’d share this…

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    White and Blue in Nessebar

    One of my most favourite places in Bulgaria is the Old town of Nessebar. I’ve visited it a lot of times since a little child with my parents, grandparents, schoolmates, and will keep doing so whenever I have the opportunity. It’s in the air – creativity, colours and beauty. I love everything about it – the sea, the Mediterranean style restaurants, the small crafts shops, the flowers, the paving stones on the ground, the old-style houses. Gorgeous and full of inspiration… I will have one more post about it with photos of the place and one last summer holiday outfit very soon, so stay tuned.

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    It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

    As the holidays are fastly approaching and most of us are being impatient about what to wear during that time, I am sharing with you a cute, laid-back look. Today’s clothes can be worn on a day when you’re just hanging out with friends, having a holiday lunch or a Christmas party – you might only need to change your shoes, bag and add a few accessories, and you’re done! I’m wearing a bauble necklace I made in one of my previous posts. (Click here if you want to see how to make your own!)

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    Sunday Morning

    Happy Sunday morning, people! I’m so glad to write this post today when I can simply talk to you guys about some upcoming projects for my blog that can excite both me and you! November’s been going pretty smoothly for its fisrt half, although it’s been getting colder and rain has been hanging around all over Europe. Nevertheless, in order to get you excited for the holiday season and help you feel cozy and relaxed, I’ve come up with some ideas. 🙂 But before we head to the Christmas spirit, expect some autumn photoshoots with new outfits – hope I inspire you to be more creative with your wardrobe and…