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    An Outfit in White & Beige

    As soon as I see a wide-legged pant, I immediately think of the photo of Coco Chanel here. She’s wearing a striped shirt, black trousers, a belt, and white shoes. As simple as that. Unintentionally, today’s post is inspired by this look. The difference is in the color palette and the length of the pants. However, the overall vibe is quite similar – it has that effortlessly chic feel that I love so much! The pants are actually a skort. I purchased it from a small boutique in Sofia. The fabric and the cut are more than perfect for the season. Also, it has a belt that ties at the…

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    The Perfect Autumn Dress

    If I have to choose one favorite piece of mine for the current season, it would be this midi dress. The earthy tones, the length, the cut… They are just perfect. But bear in mind that these kinds of clothes can look unflattering on you, so you may have to belt them. I styled mine with a leather jacket and black loafers. This is certainly my ideal look for fall, balancing between comfort and chic. I wear it basically everywhere – at university, at the theater, on walks. We choose the park “Vrana” as a photoshoot location. I thought it perfectly reflects the nature of the dress. The day we…

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    3 Ways to Experience Dolce far Niente in Nikiti, Halkidiki

    Doesn’t matter if you love going to the beach or not, at least once a year a sea-scape is essential! As for Greece – this is one of the best places for a summer holiday. It’s so beautiful and there is no other place where white and blue bond so well! Blue doors – white walls, blue sea – white waves… Lovely! This year’s location – Nikiti, Halkidiki, is only 100 km away from Thessaloniki. It started developing back in the 1950s and in the 70s the coastal plain was included into plans for the village’s development and many new buildings were built there. And here are 3 things you can…

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    Her Royal Highness – The Headband

    Perhaps every girl has dreamed of becoming a princess as a little girl. I used to do so, too and I simply wanted to remind you of these naive, but beautiful visions we have all had. Today we all need a little something to make us feel special. Here is where hair accessories, which are a top trend this season, come in handy. That’s why I introduce you to the Bulgarian brand Studio Affiche – the brand probably every Bulgarian blogger is crazy about. Every accessory of theirs is created with a lot of love and attention to detail. It also has the ability to make you feel like a modern…

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    How to Style Leopard?

    Leopard is undoubtedly a statement. It’s a trend and a classic at the same time. There is quite a thin border between looking chic & classy and wearing a trashy look. You have to make sure the whichever fabric leopard is printed on is expensive-looking. Also, let the print speak for itself – don’t add more accent pieces to this outfit. I decided to pair my coat with something more unusal than a sweater, but still comfy and easy to find in any store literally. This beige hoodie complements the camel tones in the leopard print. As for the black jeans and combat boots – they pair up perfectly with…

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    Christmas Editorial

    This is not a post with any specific piece of advice. We shot these pictures to inspire you to create a nice and cosy atmosphere wherever you are celebrating Christmas. Wear your comfiest knitwear, surround yourself with the people you love and don’t let anything ruin your mood! Happy holidays, cheries!  Share in the comments below how you are spending Christmas this year.

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    3 Spring Outfits ft. Attitude 157

    It’s the middle of spring so I suppose you need some style inspiration from a professional.  Well… I haven’t become a pro yet, but I definitely have some ideas for you! I’ve collaborated with the designer behind Attitude 157 again (click here to see one of our previous shoots) and we came up with 3 quite diverse looks, which I also wore during Sofia fashion week. And the big news… I’ve created my own YouTube channel to provide you with even more styling and other types of advice. So feel free to watch, like and subscribe! And take a glance at the still shots we took as well below! Yellow…

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    Embrace Your Blues

    You all know my love for blue clothes. You’re wearing color, but at the same time, the hues are quite easy to style. Which automatically makes it a must-have for spring. With the fancy touch of a fun accessory, of course (a balloon in my case). We took these photos in the old town of Plovdiv after one of the many snow invasions. Enjoy! Sweater: H&M (Love this one, too) Jeans: Topshop Boots: Aquamarine (Similar here)

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    The Perfect Winter Dress

    We are all searching for the perfect dress that is both not too fancy and not too casual. And here’s my recommendation for the cold season – this black & white one fits these characteristics perfectly. It falls just below the knees, it’s fitted at the waist and the bell sleeves and the bottom make it more feminine. A minimalistic yet statement piece you should surely add as a new eddition to your wardrobe. It’s appropriate for the upcoming holiday season too! You can dress it up or down depending on the accessories. I paired mine with my Zara pom pom earrings and an Oxford shoe. Head onto attitude157.com to…

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    Officewear on Another Level

    Attitude 157 are called like this for a reason. There is a certain attitude their clothes have. Although the word ‘unique’ is being definitely overused, it’s the right one to use in order to describe their items. Today I have the designer behing the brand answer a few quick fashion related questions. Enjoy! На Attitude 157 определено им пасва името. Техните дрехи притежават една различна визия. Въпреки че думата “уникален” се употребява прекалено често, тя е най-подходящата, за да опиша нещата, които показват. В днешната публикация дизайнерът Веселена Марчева, стояща зад този бранд, ще е звездата в модния ни блиц. Приятно четене! Style for you is: a way of self-expression,…