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    How to Feel Cosier During the Cold Seasons

    Autumn has settled down and you probably miss the beautiful sunsets, the long beach walks, the mountain hikes, the warm sunny days, which you all assosiate with summer… School or work already feel indifferent to you. It is much colder, you are sick of what’s in your wardrobe. The gloomy weather makes you sad and unsatisfied. You feel utterly uninspired. Overall, you can’t say enough how much you miss the sunny days of June, July and August… Is this scenario similar to your current mood? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas on how to make the new season feel welcomed both in your house and…

  • Външност

    Sofia Jazz Festival

    A few days ago I attended the A to JazZ Festival in Sofia. It was such a lovely experience – there was so much space for everybody, the music was amazing and the weather was perfect. There were all sorts of people there – from kids running around to old people who have come just to listen to the good music. What I enjoyed most was that everyone was having fun in their own way without disturbing others. From the photos you can probably see how beautiful it was in the South park of Sofia. Will definitely be sharing more shots from my future visits there! Преди няколко дни посетих…

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    Being Cosy for a Change

    Our lives are so full of life. A weird but absolutely true metaphor. This life consists of all of our ideas, passions, emotions, regrets, and we decide in what particular direction to aim all of this. During the last month or two I started feeling differently, perhaps more mature, or not really, but there is certainly a change. A change consisting of tiny and not so tiny things that happened to me, transormed my mind and inspired it to look at things with another eye. A change big enough to share with all of you. In a creative way. To be honest, I had no idea that I’d share this…

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    Monochrome Plaid

    Hello everyone! Hope you’ve had a good weekend! I know it’s been a while since I wrote a new post, but I was more than busy at school and unfortunately didn’t have any time at all to spend on my blog. Today I’m sharing with you some images I shot with one of my dearest friends in the centre of Plovdiv – it’s quite surprising how many things so close to us are more than beautiful, and when we see tourists taking pictures of them we look at them in surprise, but we never really take the time to pay special attention to them because they’ve become a part of…

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    Autumn in the City

    Прекарах чудесен ден с най-добрата си приятелка, в който решихме да си вземем топло кафе, за да се стоплим в хладното време. Все пак е есен и не се сдържахме – купихме си Pumpkin Spice Latte, което си остава една от любимите ми напитки. От Starbucks го описват така: „Канела, индийско орехче, карамфил? Добавено. Мляко с приятен каймак за приятна текстура? Добавено. Истинска подправка от тиквен пай и сметана за разкош? Добавено! Pumpkin Spice Latte се завърна с всички свои прекрасни съставки, които го превръщат в любимото есенно кафе на мнозина.“ А тук можете да прочетете няколко любопитни факта за кафето.