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    Fall Trends: The Plaid Blazer

    There is not a bigger must-have for your wardrobe this season. I’m not exaggerating at all. Plaid (glen plaid to be exact) is an absolute fashion classic becoming a trend this season. Fabrics like wool, tweed, velvet and denim are the main focus of magazines and bloggers. They can be so comfortable, easy to wear and style, as well as match anybody’s taste and be worn on various occasions. I picked the grey glen plaid as a centrepiece of today’s post just because it’s probably the most versatile piece. You can wear it with a slogan tee, high waisted jeans and sneakers, with a high neck sweater, sailor pants and…

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    Style Icon: Magdalena from Hoard of Trends

    Today is all about one of Instagram’s stars – Magdalena from www.hoardoftrends.com. As a graduated fashion journalist and a full-time blogger we can entirely rely on her feed for outfit inspiration. Although she’s from Germany, her style always consists of a pinch of French chic. I have chosen three outfits representing both trends and classics. It’s all up to you which ones you will reach for next time you open your wardrobe. Днес ще говорим за една от звездите на Instagram – Магдалена от www.hoardoftrends.com. Като дипломиран моден журналист и дългогодишен блогър определено можем да се доверим на профила й, за да потърсим малко идеи за аутфити. Въпреки че е…

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    How to Feel Cosier During the Cold Seasons

    Autumn has settled down and you probably miss the beautiful sunsets, the long beach walks, the mountain hikes, the warm sunny days, which you all assosiate with summer… School or work already feel indifferent to you. It is much colder, you are sick of what’s in your wardrobe. The gloomy weather makes you sad and unsatisfied. You feel utterly uninspired. Overall, you can’t say enough how much you miss the sunny days of June, July and August… Is this scenario similar to your current mood? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas on how to make the new season feel welcomed both in your house and…

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    A Stroll in Autumn Wonderland

    Hey, cheries! It’s been a while since my last outfit post but here is a brand new autumn-inspired one. A few days ago a small group of my friends and I went to the South Park of Sofia for a nice walk and to enjoy the changing colours of the leaves. Not only was it beautiful but also the weather was lovely! So it was a perfect day for a photoshoot. Fall has always been one of my favourite seasons because you can experiment with layering pieces and by doing, so you feel so cosy and chic at the same time. Fortunately, this season does not only consist of too…

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    Irresistible Me преса за коса

    След като лятото официално го няма и слънцето не грее толкова, всички имаме нужда от нещо цветно и различно, което да ни изкара от мрачното време и настроение, в което изпадаме. За да се почувствате по-добре през новия сезон, съм подготвила няколко есенни публикации – така че очаквайте скоро! Заедно с Irresistible Me обединихме сили, за да можете да се докоснете до най-новите технологии за поддръжка на косата, за да остане тя силна и блестяща. Използвала съм доста преси за коси преди. Но в тази определено намерих нещо различно – не само заради дизайна й, но и заради това, че загрява много бързо, само за няколко секунди, и лесно оформя…

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    Autumnal Tones

    Last week my friend Teddy and I went on a short walk to explore some not so well-known streets of Plovdiv. We ended up near one of the 7 hills where we found old houses. They happened to match the warm tones of my clothes so they were the ideal background for a few outfit shots. Since summer is nearly gone, I decided to incorporate white with more autumnal tones for a perfect balance. My off-the-shoulder top (which you may have seen in one of my latest posts) is from h&m, my trousers are from Bershka – all paired with my leather fringe bag is from h&m and my low…

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    Autumn Landscape

    Autumn is officially here, cheries! And hopefully we will jump start this season with positive vibes! We’ll talk about trends, food, DIYs, and all kinds of inspiration. I know cold weather and rain may not be the most pleasant thing to all of you. But you can certainly make it less inferior by thinking in another way this year. Even though it is regarded as a dull season we can colour it in a thousand ways! We have all the clichès: pumpkin spice lattes, hot green teas, crisp air, fuzzy sweaters, movie nights, beautiful sceneries, and most importantly, cosy & quiet moments with your loved ones all to impatiently look…

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    A Stroll in the Garden

    Зимата приближава, затова се старая да се възползвам от всеки момент, когато небето не е покрито с облаци. Посетих дома на най-добрата си приятелка и решихме да си откраднем малко време в градината им, за да направим тези кадри!