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GERDÁNA – The Sunny Girl of Instagram

Life is full of colors and GERDÁNA, a.k.a. Tanya Gerdanova from the blog is surely a great example for that. The moment you see her beautiful feed, you will definitely be impressed by her aesthetics. Her mission is to seek beauty and, can I just say, she is one of the best at this! We meet during a warm day in July and I cannot wait to learn more while enjoying my tiramisu in Esterhasi Bar in Sofia.

How did you create your style and what’s the piece of clothing that you cannot live without?

During the years I have been obsessed with some certain colors. I like a particular one and then I buy everything in this shade. I have had fuscia phases. An ex-colleague used to call me “the pink spot”. The most important thing for me always has been to feel comfortable in my own clothes.

The thing that I cannot live without is the white tee. I wear it every season – with a stamp or not, it’s a must have for me.

What’s your opinion on trends?

From the beginning of the year, I’ve stopped shopping, because nature is very polluted from the mass production of clothes. The fast-fashion brands release new pieces every week. The other day I decided to rearrange my wardrobe and it turned out that I have no space for anything. My wardrobe isn’t eco at all, unfortunately. However, I aim to shop less and when I buy things, I try to get things that are more sustainable and classic like a white T-shirt, a black turtleneck, a trench, classic denim, a white shirt. At the moment I’m bringing back to life older things and when they are not okay to be worn anymore, I will make more place for new items.

What do you think about blogging in Bulgaria?

I think that everyone should aim to be themselves. I don’t like it when everybody wants to do something that isn’t definitely their thing, shooting the same style photos, using the same words, copying from one another. For me, my blog is a hobby in the first place and it makes me happy. But with all this desire to be like everyone else, inspiration fades away. That’s why I follow a lot of foreign bloggers because they are all so different and I like that.

The idea to have a blog means to have something to give to people and to help them refuel, be inspired and motivated.

You travel a lot. Do you have a favorite destination and do you know an underestimated one?

Skiathos island is probably the most underestimated one. I didn’t find anything online, but when we got there we saw how beautiful it really is! There were such breathtaking locations which weren’t even on the map. The beaches were unforgettable! This island is my favorite one perhaps. It was the same with Volos, there were amazing cafes, shallow streets. So I will never only trust the (lack of) information I find online.

Any advice for traveling on a budget?

With the low-cost flights, it’s now much easier to go wherever. Our most low-budget vacation was the one in Bologna last year in February. We didn’t visit other cities also, but it was cheaper than in other parts of Italy, too. When we do the organizing last moment (which we happen to do more frequently, I have to admit), finding a hotel and buying a plane ticket gets more expensive.

What is your favorite part of the day?

Although I don’t like getting up early, mornings are my favorite – I have a routine that I enjoy I lot.

What is the message that you want to give to people through your blog?

I want people to find the beauty and positivity in every aspect. Even if I get annoyed at something, I admire the efforts people have made to create new, different places. I love having walks around town, enjoying the lovely buildings. If people change their mindset, everything will be much better. And when beauty comes, inspiration follows.

Share your top 3 favorites: 1 beauty product, 1 fashion item, and 1 destination.

I’m currently quite in the mood for Paris! My top products are foundation and lipstick, and I quite enjoy wearing my straw bag at the moment.

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