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How to Style Leopard?

Leopard is undoubtedly a statement. It’s a trend and a classic at the same time. There is quite a thin border between looking chic & classy and wearing a trashy look. You have to make sure the whichever fabric leopard is printed on is expensive-looking. Also, let the print speak for itself – don’t add more accent pieces to this outfit.

I decided to pair my coat with something more unusal than a sweater, but still comfy and easy to find in any store literally. This beige hoodie complements the camel tones in the leopard print. As for the black jeans and combat boots – they pair up perfectly with the rest of the look.

Don’t be afraid to try new pieces and wear them wherever you want. Simply create your outfits according to the occasion (jeans & a hoodie for every day, black dress & heels for the evening) and you are more than good to go! Coat: Bershka
Hoodie: Bershka
Jeans: Bershka

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