Whiter Teeth with Carbon Coco

White teeth are always on trend. No matter if you’re wearing an evening gown, you weekday office attire or simply T-shirt and jeans, adding a smile complements every look. So I’ve partnered up with Carbon Coco to show you an easy, affordable and fun way to make your teeth shine bright like a diamond as sung in Rihanna’s well-known song. Also, this kit makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life – be it your bestie, mother, grandfather… And it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, because they offer free worldwide shipping.

Ultimate Carbon Kit

The Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish
Unlike the usual activated charcoal from health stores, this is made of finely milled Organic Coconut Activated Charcoal. This special formula is proven to be very gentle yet effective in detoxifying the mouth and removing stains! It has zero taste and smell.

Instructions: Dip a wet toothbrush in the jar (just lightly coat the brush- a little goes a long way!), brush in gentle circles for 2-3 min, rinse and brush with the toothpaste. Use this before bedtime to give time for any residue to dislodge overnight. Results are usually seen in 7-14 days.

The Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
This is a toothpaste formula that doesn’t have fluoride. It also contains our magic ingredient: activated charcoal! The toothpaste is black but turns into white foam while brushing, and it has a yummy minty taste. The toothpaste is designed to protect your teeth from further staining throughout the day, so you won’t mess up your results if you love coffee and coloured drinks!

Instructions: Brush with this toothpaste after using the tooth polish at night and in place of your regular toothpaste during the day. They also suggest using this instead of your regular brand after the 14-day treatment to maintain your results.

All the products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free!

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