New Beauty Products – First Impressions

The Radiant Cherie is back, you guys! Exam session is officially over which means that now I can fully commit to blogging and generally doing creative stuff! After the exhausting month of January I needed a little bit of a fresh boost. What better way to do so than trying out a few new beauty products?

Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture + Freshness Tissue Mask

Garnier have released these 3 new types of tissue masks. They have quite a reasonable price as well. I got the one for combination skin. But I had this thought on the back of my mind that since my skin is partially oily, how is this mask going to affect it. It actually turned out that during the cold days my skin had definitely become drier and felt and looked much better and even had a nice glow after the use.

Douglas Beauty Balm

I was kindly given this one by a friend and to be honest, this wouldn’t be the first thing I’d reach to buy at a beauty store. It didn’t have any coverage but it certainly made the skin more glowy. The product has a pinkier colour, quite a light texture and hydrates the skin.

   John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight activating Shampoo and Lightening Conditioner

I have looked at these on the shelves in the shops for years. But since they are slightly more expensive than a regular shampoo or conditioner, I didn’t get around to buying them. I coloured my hair partially blonde again. I didn’t want it to turn yellow so I had to do something about it. As you can see, I bought them and not even for a second I haven’t regretted doing do. My hair not only isn’t yellow, but the blonde is actually richer and shinier. Also, the conditioner is more moisturizing than anyone I’ve tried in the last few years – cannot recommend it more.
P.S. There are such shampoos for brunettes as well!

GLISS’s Ultimate Oil Elixir Express Repair Conditioner

I ran out of those hair oils and decided to use something different this time. This is actually a spray conditioner which can be applied either on damp hair or dry hair without any rinsing. It does the job, smells like chocolate, but it’s more appropriate for thin hair!

Le Petit Marseiliais Shower Gel with Raspberries and Peonies

I love their shower gels, I have featured them at least once in a favourites post before. But this pink packaging caught my eye immediately. I like smelling the shower gels when I’m choosing which one I’m going to buy. This one, in particular, reminded me of spring right away. After this long snow and subzero temperature situation, a fresh flower-fruit scent while showering is always a nice idea!

Hope you found this post helpful, I will see you all very soon! Until then feel free to leave your requests for future posts in the comments below!


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