Irresistible Me Hair Straightener

Since summer is officially gone and the sun is no longer shining as much as it used to, we all need something different and colourful for the gloomy weather and mood we all get into. To try to set you up for the new season I have prepared for you a few fall-inspired posts. So stay tuned for that!

For today’s post I have partnered up with Irresistible Me so that you can get your hands on the newest technology and keep your hair strong and shiny.

I have used many flat irons before. But this particular one felt different not only because of its design but for its high-technology – it warms up for only a few seconds and what is even more important – it easily and swiftly styles your hair the way you guide it to. Thanks to the flat iron‘s diamond coated plate the durability and heat transfer are significantly enhanced.


Before: dsc_0146After: dsc_0181

What is more, with previous flat irons I have noticed that my hairs gets frizzy. This time I have not experienced anything similar, because the Irresistible Me one uses negative ions that are emitted from the rare tourmaline minerals to seal in natural oils, moisture and colour in the hair. The result is beautifully styled, static-free hair with healthy shine. Which is visible in the before and after pictures below.

After a shower, my hair tends to get frizzy and quite messy. After I spend about 5 minutes to glide the Irresistible Me iron through my hair, it feels visibly more tamed and shiny. Which saves time and boosts confidence!

dsc_0183 dsc_0189 dsc_0172

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