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Paul Poiret

Welcome to the newest series on my blog: The Fashion Stories! Here I’m going to provide you with interesting and broader information about various designers, styles, subcultures, style icons, etc. My goal is to broaden your fashion knowledge. I’m starting with a not so well-known designer for some of you, but trust me – he is a legend!13615224_855292564603541_7811588559962374539_n


Paul Poiret is one of the first known people who create clothes, because until the 1900s names of authors of fashion aren’t so widely spread. Poiret made drastic but still important changes in women’s wardrobe thanks to which he becomes famous.

  • Initially Poiret works for different designers as an assistant but eventually starts improving and attaining leadership skills.
  • He is the first designer to use real models to present his clothes.
  • 1903 – creates his fashion house
  • The big war with the corcet – in France 55 million corcets were produced every yearrobesdePaulPoir00Irib_00211
  • Poiret examines the paintings in the Louvre and how the Greek chiton follows the line of the body without a corcet and then he starts creating similar dresses
  • The idea of removing the corcets is  welcomed by doctors because it harms women’s bodies
  • 1905 – marries Denisa who has nothing to do with the typical early 20th century woman – she is tall with a small bust
  • 1906 – Poiret creates the first non-corcet dress for that time:


  • 1907the dress is published in Vogue magazine with the caption: “A new type of body is now modern”


  • New colours and fabrics, bright figures from the East
  • A new view of the woman – she is now not only a housewife, but is also educated, open to the world, with broad horizons
  • Influenced by the East, Poiret creates mantos with kimono sleeves:13658913_855292384603559_7759837781529070382_n
  • Poiret is the first designer who combines the scent, the bottle and the packaging under one theme
  • The First World war – Poiret goes to war where he frequently sews the bottons of the soldiers, but the folly of the war depresses him
  • After the war women need more simple and practical clothings, but Poiret cannot create such. That is why he is no longer so famous. Female designers take over and create collections in a new style
  • Dies in 1944, forgotten in misery, but leaves behind enormous changes in women’s wardrobe
  • Dior about Poiret:

“Poiret was an amazing artist and primarily a decorator. He worked on his own draping the fabrics directly onto the mannequins.”


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