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Dior-inspired Pearl Earrings

I was inspired by Dior and Geneva from a pair and a spare to make these double pearl earrings and now I’m sharing it all with you! What’s quite surprising is how easy this DIY is, but also how often I wear these ones – doesn’t matter if it’s at school, a weekend laid-back stroll somewhere in the park, or at a party – you can never do it wrong! This is my all time favorite pair of earrings. It always looks good no matter what you wear.

DSC_0596What you’ll need:

  • glue (hot glue gun, or any other strong type of glue)
  • 2 matching pearl beads
  • a pair of regular pearl earrings (if you want the same effect of a bigger bead in the back, make sure your beads are bigger than your actual earring)
  • 2 rubber earrings backs
  • toothpick or sth sharp to apply the glue with


Firstly, apply your glue to the bead with the toothpick.

DSC_0611Now add the earrings and put them into the rubber backs as you would normally do. And you’re done! Have fun rocking those super gorgeous pieces!


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