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    Goodbye school!

    Finally the last day of school appoached and I’m not sure whether I feel happy or sad. Not sure if I will miss all of this hustle & bustle of being a student. There have been moments when I felt extremely bad about all of these difficult tests and projects I had to cover for a short amount of time… About those unexpected examinations and that drop of adrenalin in your blood when the teacher says your name… But these things are unforgettable because they are a part of this amazing journey called high school. It’s not only because you learn a lot, you meet many new people, but because…

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    It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

    As the holidays are fastly approaching and most of us are being impatient about what to wear during that time, I am sharing with you a cute, laid-back look. Today’s clothes can be worn on a day when you’re just hanging out with friends, having a holiday lunch or a Christmas party – you might only need to change your shoes, bag and add a few accessories, and you’re done! I’m wearing a bauble necklace I made in one of my previous posts. (Click here if you want to see how to make your own!)

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    DIY: How to make your own baulbe necklace

    Hey everyone! In this post, I’m going to show you how to make this beautiful necklace from scratch. It is a great gift you can make to any woman you love or simply wear it yourself! What you will need: Plastic beads (could be any type, size & color you want – I obviously chose pearls since I love them) Headpins Jump rings A chain or some kind of ribbon, which will suit your necklace Toggles or lobster claws The first thing you should do is get a bead and a headpin. Loop the headpin through the bead. Chop the excess part of the metal. Using a round nose plier,…