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    The Inspiring Cheries: Mariela Kircheva

    Welcome back, cheries! We have recently shared with you how to style red, a few black&white outfit inspirations, a talented makeup artist, and now it’s time for jewels! Today Hristiyana has conducted an interview with a glowing and creative lady. For her, it is both a job and pleasure to create handmade jewelry. Meet the wonderful Mariela, the creator of the 8 room! Would you please describe yourself in a few words? My name is Mariela and am the person behind The 8 Room. Every time I like saying different things about myself. I always find in difficult to give an answer to this question, because it depends on the…

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    Three Black & White Shirts

    In my previous post I talked about probably the most opposite tone in the color spectrum – red. Black, white and red, however, have one thing in common – they are a big trend this season. The Bulgarian designer Mina Goleva has created pieces to satisfy both the girly girl’s taste as well as her more tomboyish friend. It all depends on how you style the pieces! Here’s how I managed to do so. В предишния си пост говорих за тотално различен нюанс от цветовата палитра – червеното. Но черното, бялото и червеното имат нещо общо – те са сред големите тенденции този сезон. Българският дизайнер Мина Голева е създала…

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    Mina Goleva & Nikolay Bozhilov – New Collections

    Yesterday the newest member of The Radiant Cherie team – Hristiyana, and I went to see Bulgarian designers Mina Goleva and Nikolay Bozhilov’s new collections and showroom. We were warmly welcomed by the two in a cosy apartment in the very centre of Sofia. Mellow music was playing, nice wine and tasty snacks were offered so that the guests can escape from their everyday worries for a while and enjoy what these two have created. Вчера аз и най-новият член на екипа на The Radiant Cherie – Християна, отидохме да видим новите колекции и шоурум на българските дизайнери Мина Голева и Николай Божилов. Бяхме топло посрещнати от двамата в уютен…

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    How to Feel Cosier During the Cold Seasons

    Autumn has settled down and you probably miss the beautiful sunsets, the long beach walks, the mountain hikes, the warm sunny days, which you all assosiate with summer… School or work already feel indifferent to you. It is much colder, you are sick of what’s in your wardrobe. The gloomy weather makes you sad and unsatisfied. You feel utterly uninspired. Overall, you can’t say enough how much you miss the sunny days of June, July and August… Is this scenario similar to your current mood? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas on how to make the new season feel welcomed both in your house and…

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    Chokers: The Ultimate Guide – Part 2: DIY

    It’s been a while since I last posted a DIY on the blog. So happy I’m back with this very easy and creative one that any of you can make. As you know from the previous post, chokers have been worn since the French revolution and will send you to the next step of being chic. They elongate your neck and give off ‘fashion expert’ vibes. Be careful, however, in how tight they are on your neck. Not only is it dangerous, but also it doesn’t look flattering. So without further ado, take a look at the easy steps I’ve shared.      What you’ll need: ribbon or any sort…

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    Goodbye school!

    Finally the last day of school appoached and I’m not sure whether I feel happy or sad. Not sure if I will miss all of this hustle & bustle of being a student. There have been moments when I felt extremely bad about all of these difficult tests and projects I had to cover for a short amount of time… About those unexpected examinations and that drop of adrenalin in your blood when the teacher says your name… But these things are unforgettable because they are a part of this amazing journey called high school. It’s not only because you learn a lot, you meet many new people, but because…

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    Plovdiv Fashion Day

    Today I’m sharing with you and event that was held in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria. My town is known for its creative people using different skills incorporated in clothes, accessories, decorations, etc. It possibly has something to do with the energy of the place. The actual event lived up to my expectations – fashion which wouldn’t be worn by every person but still expresses its unique origin and the style of its maker, awesome for collector as well. There were clothes with classic Bulgarian emboideries, handmade jewellery, personalised umbrellas, phone cases, shoes, bags, leather creations, etc. It was very colourful and innovative. Just like the actual people selling their stuff. It…

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    Dior-inspired Pearl Earrings

    I was inspired by Dior and Geneva from a pair and a spare to make these double pearl earrings and now I’m sharing it all with you! What’s quite surprising is how easy this DIY is, but also how often I wear these ones – doesn’t matter if it’s at school, a weekend laid-back stroll somewhere in the park, or at a party – you can never do it wrong! This is my all time favorite pair of earrings. It always looks good no matter what you wear. What you’ll need: glue (hot glue gun, or any other strong type of glue) 2 matching pearl beads a pair of regular pearl earrings…

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    Bluish Spring

    Hey and welcome back! I’m more than happy to finally have the chance to share an outfit with you since it’s been a while since my last fashion article! Today is Bulgaria’s Tsvetnitsa which is an equivalent to the catholic Palm Sunday. People named after flowers have the so called ‘name day’, which I celebrate today as well, though my name isn’t particularly a flower… I was with my friends at a pastry café and had a really nice time! As for my outfit, one of my newest obsessions are denim jackets, and this one in particular I purchased from H&M. My daisy print top is from a Turkish shop called adilisik…

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    It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

    As the holidays are fastly approaching and most of us are being impatient about what to wear during that time, I am sharing with you a cute, laid-back look. Today’s clothes can be worn on a day when you’re just hanging out with friends, having a holiday lunch or a Christmas party – you might only need to change your shoes, bag and add a few accessories, and you’re done! I’m wearing a bauble necklace I made in one of my previous posts. (Click here if you want to see how to make your own!)