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    The World Deserves to be a Better Place

    I have no idea in what direction we are all heading right now. I don’t know why things aren’t improving, although everybody seems to be working hard to achieve their goals and develop. Everybody is asking themselves a big question: why are we improving and destroying our lives at the same time? Please read this short article, it is really important. You’ve all heard the quote “We live in a big world”. But have you ever actually thought what this really means? Have you ever linked this statement to your own life? I’m afraid many of you haven’t. Because it takes a lot to realize on how many levels, aspects…

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    Friday Afternoon

    We all love Fridays, don’t we? Especially when we have some extra time to waste. Today was quite a casual day for me – watched some TV, read a book, had a little workout and then went out for an afternoon walk with my friend Stella 🙂 We enjoyed some coffee and a few tasty bites in the mall and later went out to take a few pictures.