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    Kiara King: “When I was young, all I wanted to do was to be a fashion designer”

    It’s an honor to say that Kiara King, being one of the most beautiful and stylish bloggers on Instagram and beyond, is my special guest on the blog this month! Whether you’re in the mood for fashion, lifestyle and travel inspiration, cozy home shots, and great taste in general, she is your girl. With her husband, Brad, by her side, she has created a lovely online space I love going back to (and I’m sure you will, too). Also now, when they’re about to become a family of four (yes, I’m including their adorable cat as well!), there will be many more stories to share. But first of all, let’s…

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    Anna Wintour – the Woman Behind the Dark Sunglasses

    Anna Wintour is among those people who wake up really early in the morning and stick to a strict routine in order to succeed. With time I’ve learned that this habit doesn’t work for everyone. However, she is one of the shining examples of a disciplined person. Anna is well-known for being the editor-in-chief of American Vogue for 32 years and counting. Mainly because of “The Devil Wears Prada” most of us imagine she is the person that everybody in the fashion industry should be scared of. Her bob hairstyle has become her signature and she hasn’t changed it for years. And as for the fact she rarely stays without…

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    Todor Tumbalev: “I am not a designer. I’m a public figure that makes clothes”

    This post is also available in Bulgarian. It’s a hot August day in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I’m headed to Todor Tumbalev‘s store – he is a Bulgarian fashion designer I know from the fashion design courses we both attended. He gives me a warm welcome and from the beginning, I’m more than sure that an interesting conversation will follow. Enjoy! Your brand’s motto is “Modern spirit in classic shapes” and I can see that from each piece of yours. What’s your opinion on fashion trends?  I am all for conscious fashion. I’ve been a fan of the blazer for years and I wear it on all sorts of occasions. It will…