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    Reneta Kanevska – an Aesthete & a Dreamer

    In today’s post I’m presenting you the amazing Reneta Kanevska (the girl behind www.fashionbyreneta.com). She is among the first Bulgarian bloggers. Reneta is a great aesthete and pays attention to every tiny detail. You can see that not only in her Insta feed, and her blog, but also in her brand for luxury stationery RemindART (where I want literally everything!). Like every girl, she has dreams (many of which have come true). And in this interview we talk about blogging, fashion and beauty, studying at uni, traveling, and basically everything that she loves. Five years ago we met for the first time and in less than 2 hours you managed to convince me to…

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    GERDÁNA – The Sunny Girl of Instagram

    Life is full of colors and GERDÁNA, a.k.a. Tanya Gerdanova from the blog www.gerdanabygerdana.com is surely a great example for that. The moment you see her beautiful feed, you will definitely be impressed by her aesthetics. Her mission is to seek beauty and, can I just say, she is one of the best at this! We meet during a warm day in July and I cannot wait to learn more while enjoying my tiramisu in Esterhasi Bar in Sofia. How did you create your style and what’s the piece of clothing that you cannot live without? During the years I have been obsessed with some certain colors. I like a…

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    July Inspo: What to Wear on Your Summer Vacation?

    The sun is out, and so must be your cute outfits! This summer is all about rustic and neutral tones and they suit it so well! Apart from the straw hats, bags and espadrilles, the pearly hairclips, or the seashell jewelry, you can add more to your summer wardrobe. Go for light, natural fabrics even if the creasing risk exists because they are they will certainly make you feel cooler. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin as well (I’m personally in the mood for showing some abs). This is also a bonus reason to workout more! With this new series on the blog, I will attempt to inspire…

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    Her Royal Highness – The Headband

    Perhaps every girl has dreamed of becoming a princess as a little girl. I used to do so, too and I simply wanted to remind you of these naive, but beautiful visions we have all had. Today we all need a little something to make us feel special. Here is where hair accessories, which are a top trend this season, come in handy. That’s why I introduce you to the Bulgarian brand Studio Affiche – the brand probably every Bulgarian blogger is crazy about. Every accessory of theirs is created with a lot of love and attention to detail. It also has the ability to make you feel like a modern…

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    Embrace your Inner Boss Lady with the Suit Trend

    Suits on women look totally normal. Although it wasn’t always this way. Back in 1914 Coco Chanel created the first female suit. However, it was in the 1930s and in the 1940s, during the Second World War, when many women started wearing the then-typical men’s attire. They went to work to fill their jobs at home as men were away fighting. Some ladies worked on farms or as munitions workers, helping to build weapons in factories. Others joined the military. As feminine touches like ruffles, embroidery, lace, and other embellishments were banned, women were forced to make use of the unseen-so-far comfort of the suits. They even started wearing them in their…

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    Tips for Productivity & Inspiration

    The first two months of the year turned out to be really productive for me. We changed the layout of the blog, and I’m preparing new posts. I’d like to talk about not only about fashion, traveling, and beauty. As Coco Chanel says, “Fashion is not about that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with the ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. So I want to talk about things that inspire us and make us happy. Also, the interviews are coming back to the blog! 🙂 How to be more productive? 1. Clean your space. If you don’t…

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    Spring 2019 Haute Couture Week: Highlights

    This year’s Spring 2019 Couture shows in Paris show how technology and fashion can create unbelievable masterpieces. A marvellous mix of decades, styles and cultures – perfect for the dedicated fashion lovers, the people who know something about history of fashion. A lot of brands have gone for unusual shapes, structures and volumes to create impeccable looks. Haute Couture and fashion as art are being questioned in the last years. Last week, however, designers have proven the skeptical people wrong. They showed beautiful clothes on the runway, which are eye-catching even on your phone’s small screen. Whether they have created them to do exactly that, or not – we surely…

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    Carbon Coco: My Honest Opinion

    It’s almost midnight and I’ve just brushed my teeth with my Carbon Coco kit. They feel smooth and clean. This has been something like a ritual for me for the past 2 weeks. The truth is, since the products are all natural, the results won’t come immediately. In the era of social media and all the perfect examples it shows we all become self-conscious about the color of our teeth. We all want to look like our favorite influencers and are ready to try new things in order to achieve that. More specifically, you notice how white their teeth look and want to do something about yours despite all the…

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    How to Style Leopard?

    Leopard is undoubtedly a statement. It’s a trend and a classic at the same time. There is quite a thin border between looking chic & classy and wearing a trashy look. You have to make sure the whichever fabric leopard is printed on is expensive-looking. Also, let the print speak for itself – don’t add more accent pieces to this outfit. I decided to pair my coat with something more unusal than a sweater, but still comfy and easy to find in any store literally. This beige hoodie complements the camel tones in the leopard print. As for the black jeans and combat boots – they pair up perfectly with…

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    Christmas Editorial

    This is not a post with any specific piece of advice. We shot these pictures to inspire you to create a nice and cosy atmosphere wherever you are celebrating Christmas. Wear your comfiest knitwear, surround yourself with the people you love and don’t let anything ruin your mood! Happy holidays, cheries!  Share in the comments below how you are spending Christmas this year.