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    All White

    Truth is… you don’t get to be in a magazine every day. With Swatch and OK! Magazine Bulgaria we decided to show everyone how the modern girl can incorporate a watch in her everyday outfit. It’s not only a cool accessory, but it’s also quite useful when you are feeling too lazy to check the time on your phone. Me and three more girls were shot in a few urban locations and each of us got to choose 3 different watches. For my blog post photographs I decided on this white silicone one with gold details. Minimalistic with a twist – basically the definition of my style. Истината е, че…

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    Happy first birthday the Radiant Cherie!

    Today is quite an exciting day – my blog is  turning 1! Like all the cheesy words you’ll here from everybody, who’s been doing something for the same amount of time, I’d say that the months flew so fast that I cannot even believe and realise it. I learned a lot, and have to learn so so so much more! I can’t wait to share my life with you guys, I’m so excited and inspired for my future and hopefully keep making my dreams come true, because a year ago I would not imagine myself still doing what am doing, and keep learning new things about fashion with the same…

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    White and Blue in Nessebar

    One of my most favourite places in Bulgaria is the Old town of Nessebar. I’ve visited it a lot of times since a little child with my parents, grandparents, schoolmates, and will keep doing so whenever I have the opportunity. It’s in the air – creativity, colours and beauty. I love everything about it – the sea, the Mediterranean style restaurants, the small crafts shops, the flowers, the paving stones on the ground, the old-style houses. Gorgeous and full of inspiration… I will have one more post about it with photos of the place and one last summer holiday outfit very soon, so stay tuned.