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    Fall Trends 2017: Space Age

    This fall designers are taking us back to the 60s – the decade of space exploration and sparkling vivid imaginations about the future. This, of course, immediately reflected into fashion – Pierre Cardin created his ‘Space Age’ collection in 1964. This trend continued until the beginning of the 70s with Paco Rabanne’s clothes. There were shiny fabrics resembling metal. Artificial materials such as PVC, acryl and vinyl were invented. The A-silhouette, the miniskirts, the unisex style and the bright colours created a futuristic feel to that era. Today’s interpretation of the colorful 60s is a little different and more adaptable to our everyday wardrobe. We can see all sorts of…

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    How to Spice Up Your Everyday Outfit?

    Everybody has… or at least everybody should have at least one white shirt in their closet. And for that reason we all need a twist of the basic version of it. Whether it’s the sleeves, the length, the colour, the fit, do something different and outstanding. Such pieces are definitely on the trendier side. But hey, that’s why affordable stores like H&M, Zara (where this particular shirt is from) exist, right? If you don’t like it anymore next season, you can buy another one and don’t feel guilty because you haven’t spent a lot of money at all. Invest in basics (comfortable pair of jeans, a nice sweater, a warm…

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    Chagall Blue and Bright Yellow

    This combination has become more and more ubiquitous during the last few years, hasn’t it? Both of the colours give out a Marocco vibe with a bright note of the Miditerranean. This blue reminds me of the classic Chagall blue, named after the Russian artist Marc Chagall. I had the chance to flick through a book completely dedicated to him and took a few pictures of the paintings giving an example of his authentic blue colour.

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    Gingham for Less

    As seen on many runways (Diane Von Fustenberg, Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta, Botega Venetta, Altuzarra), gingham has definitely become a must have stample in our wardrobe! The romantic, warm-weather cousin of plaid is not only on dresses but on shirts, coats, bags and scarves as well. It gives out feminism and elegance and can be worn for any occasion. I particularly picture myself wearing a gingham dress on a picnic date or with a shirt dress while walking through the narrow streets of a European town (somewhere in Greece, France, Spain or Italy…). What I’ve prepared for you are examples of clothes seen on the runways of SS/2015 and a similar-looking piece for much…

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    2015 Denim Trends

    This season’s denim trends are quite on the innovative side, but there are also classic choices that everyone would love – interesting patchwork designs (Tommy Hilfiger, Vanessa Bruno), new boyfriend, flare, slim fit and slashed jeans. Dolce & Gabbana’s beaded jeans are more than eye-catching and create a unique look and so do the stamped jeans as seen in Anna Sui and other runways. Long Jean skirts, wider legs and shorter hems definitely give out a more old-school vibe. The classic denim shirt is a little transformed either into a shirt dress or an oversized, sometimes distressed, top. Denim can also be seen as a material of accessories such as bags, hats and even shoes! Images: Pinterest,…