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    A Stroll in Autumn Wonderland

    Hey, cheries! It’s been a while since my last outfit post but here is a brand new autumn-inspired one. A few days ago a small group of my friends and I went to the South Park of Sofia for a nice walk and to enjoy the changing colours of the leaves. Not only was it beautiful but also the weather was lovely! So it was a perfect day for a photoshoot. Fall has always been one of my favourite seasons because you can experiment with layering pieces and by doing, so you feel so cosy and chic at the same time. Fortunately, this season does not only consist of too…

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    Autumnal Tones

    Last week my friend Teddy and I went on a short walk to explore some not so well-known streets of Plovdiv. We ended up near one of the 7 hills where we found old houses. They happened to match the warm tones of my clothes so they were the ideal background for a few outfit shots. Since summer is nearly gone, I decided to incorporate white with more autumnal tones for a perfect balance. My off-the-shoulder top (which you may have seen in one of my latest posts) is from h&m, my trousers are from Bershka – all paired with my leather fringe bag is from h&m and my low…

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    Sofia Jazz Festival

    A few days ago I attended the A to JazZ Festival in Sofia. It was such a lovely experience – there was so much space for everybody, the music was amazing and the weather was perfect. There were all sorts of people there – from kids running around to old people who have come just to listen to the good music. What I enjoyed most was that everyone was having fun in their own way without disturbing others. From the photos you can probably see how beautiful it was in the South park of Sofia. Will definitely be sharing more shots from my future visits there! Преди няколко дни посетих…

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    White and Blue in Nessebar

    One of my most favourite places in Bulgaria is the Old town of Nessebar. I’ve visited it a lot of times since a little child with my parents, grandparents, schoolmates, and will keep doing so whenever I have the opportunity. It’s in the air – creativity, colours and beauty. I love everything about it – the sea, the Mediterranean style restaurants, the small crafts shops, the flowers, the paving stones on the ground, the old-style houses. Gorgeous and full of inspiration… I will have one more post about it with photos of the place and one last summer holiday outfit very soon, so stay tuned.

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    Monochrome Plaid

    Hello everyone! Hope you’ve had a good weekend! I know it’s been a while since I wrote a new post, but I was more than busy at school and unfortunately didn’t have any time at all to spend on my blog. Today I’m sharing with you some images I shot with one of my dearest friends in the centre of Plovdiv – it’s quite surprising how many things so close to us are more than beautiful, and when we see tourists taking pictures of them we look at them in surprise, but we never really take the time to pay special attention to them because they’ve become a part of…

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    It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

    Празниците наближават и повечето от нас нетърпеливо си търсят какво да облекат тогава. Затова днес споделям с вас сладка, непретенциозна визия, от която може да почерпите вдъхновение. Днешният тоалет носете, когато сте навън с приятели, или пък на коледно парти – само добавете чанта плик, високи обувки и по-специално бижу. На снимките виждате и огърлицата, която направих сама. (Натиснете тук, за да прочетете как да си направите и вие!)  

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    A Stroll in the Garden

    Зимата приближава, затова се старая да се възползвам от всеки момент, когато небето не е покрито с облаци. Посетих дома на най-добрата си приятелка и решихме да си откраднем малко време в градината им, за да направим тези кадри!