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    Monochrome Plaid

    Hello everyone! Hope you’ve had a good weekend! I know it’s been a while since I wrote a new post, but I was more than busy at school and unfortunately didn’t have any time at all to spend on my blog. Today I’m sharing with you some images I shot with one of my dearest friends in the centre of Plovdiv – it’s quite surprising how many things so close to us are more than beautiful, and when we see tourists taking pictures of them we look at them in surprise, but we never really take the time to pay special attention to them because they’ve become a part of…

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    A Stroll in the Garden

    Зимата приближава, затова се старая да се възползвам от всеки момент, когато небето не е покрито с облаци. Посетих дома на най-добрата си приятелка и решихме да си откраднем малко време в градината им, за да направим тези кадри!