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Reneta Kanevska – an Aesthete & a Dreamer

In today’s post I’m presenting you the amazing Reneta Kanevska (the girl behind She is among the first Bulgarian bloggers. Reneta is a great aesthete and pays attention to every tiny detail. You can see that not only in her Insta feed, and her blog, but also in her brand for luxury stationery RemindART (where I want literally everything!). Like every girl, she has dreams (many of which have come true). And in this interview we talk about blogging, fashion and beauty, studying at uni, traveling, and basically everything that she loves.

Five years ago we met for the first time and in less than 2 hours you managed to convince me to create a blog of my own. How did you decide to create yours?

How kind of you to remind me of that! I created my blog back when we lived in London. It was my first year at university and I began everything as a secondary activity without having any idea about what it’s like to be a blogger. Today, years later, everything is so different but just as lovely.

Nowadays everybody can be a blogger, influencer, or a creator without having any special education for the niche they are creating content about. How did your university (London Metropolitan) help you with your blog and your brand – REMINDART?

University helped me broaden my horizons and find my own path. It enriches you, makes you more independent and encourages you to seek your thing. Of course, the knowledge I gained is of great benefit, too, but in my opinion, the experience is what teaches a person the important lessons. 

Tell me a little more about REMINDART. When did you come up with the idea and when did you start working on it?

The idea appeared 2 years before the launch. I gradually developed it until the moment when things started coming together the way I imagined them. I think the right time is when you feel it and you should remember that nothing is at all costs and should happen immediately – everything takes time.

I like that in this digital era you’ve created things that can help you organize your life without having to look at any type of screen. Was that your idea initially?

I wanted to create beautiful things that illuminate our days and inspire us every day to keep going in the way we are heading towards. This is why in all our social media we share various ideas that make you think about today, tomorrow, about your goals and dreams.

Fashion is a major part of your blog. You even have your own collection from years ago. Would you continue in this industry or you will keep that only for the territory of your blog?

I will skip this for the near future. My focus is on my blog and my brand for now. However, you never know what will turn up as an idea. 

Do you have a favorite trend or a piece of clothing that you cannot wait to wear during fall?

I have a white knitted skirt that I cannot wait to incorporate into a look!

Describe your perfect autumn outfit.
Clothes: H&M; Earrings: H&M; Bags: Mezzanotte

A cozy sweater, plaid pants, black boots, a little black bag, and beautiful earrings as an accent.

What is your top 3 for September: one beauty product, one piece of clothing or an accessory, and a destination that you’d recommend?

As I’m answering this I’m heading to a cruise in the Mediterranean sea and I’m so excited because it’s new for me! I also can’t resist the scent of Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt and my Estée Lauder bag that I have had for a month. It’s in a lovely orange color and is patiently waiting to be worn during the fall season.

You have studied in London for 3 years. Do you have any must-see places that you would recommend to your friends?

I love the whole city and every time I go back with a lot of excitement there. The first place I go to is Covent Garden. Last time I visited the Royal Opera House, which is located right there. I absolutely loved this experience!

As a person who inspires people daily, what is your advice on staying positive and how do you keep your energy levels high?

Anything around can inspire me – a trip, a meeting or a lovely talk. Everything can give us a hint and help us reach our goals. It depends on you if you can see it.

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