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    Carbon Coco: My Honest Opinion

    It’s almost midnight and I’ve just brushed my teeth with my Carbon Coco kit. They feel smooth and clean. This has been something like a ritual for me for the past 2 weeks. The truth is, since the products are all natural, the results won’t come immediately. In the era of social media and all the perfect examples it shows we all become self-conscious about the color of our teeth. We all want to look like our favorite influencers and are ready to try new things in order to achieve that. More specifically, you notice how white their teeth look and want to do something about yours despite all the…

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    How to Style Leopard?

    Leopard is undoubtedly a statement. It’s a trend and a classic at the same time. There is quite a thin border between looking chic & classy and wearing a trashy look. You have to make sure the whichever fabric leopard is printed on is expensive-looking. Also, let the print speak for itself – don’t add more accent pieces to this outfit. I decided to pair my coat with something more unusal than a sweater, but still comfy and easy to find in any store literally. This beige hoodie complements the camel tones in the leopard print. As for the black jeans and combat boots – they pair up perfectly with…

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    “Островът на съкровищата” в Театър Азарян

    Вероятно си спомняте романа на Робърт Луис Стивънсън “Островът на съкровищата”. В Театър Азарян на 30 декември от 19:00 може да гледате постановката по тази книга. Христо Мутафчиев е в ролята на страшния пират Флинт. Режисьор е Анастасия Събева (нашумял млад режисьор), която може би свързвате с “Кралят Елен” – спектакъл с осем талантливи актьори (Стелиан Радев, Августина-Калина Петкова, Елена Нацариду, Веселин Петров, Ненчо Костов, Боян Арсов, Борис Кашев,Весела Петрова). Постановката е с редица театрални награди, гостувания на престижни фестивали и многобройни признания на публиката. Този път обаче става дума за вълнуващо приключение с пирати, скрити съкровища и тайнствени острови. Екипът е с няколко свежи допълнения в лицето на актьорите…

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    Christmas Editorial

    This is not a post with any specific piece of advice. We shot these pictures to inspire you to create a nice and cosy atmosphere wherever you are celebrating Christmas. Wear your comfiest knitwear, surround yourself with the people you love and don’t let anything ruin your mood! Happy holidays, cheries!  Share in the comments below how you are spending Christmas this year.