The Inspiring Cheries: Mariela Kircheva

Welcome back, cheries! We have recently shared with you how to style red, a few black&white outfit inspirations, a talented makeup artist, and now it’s time for jewels! Today Hristiyana has conducted an interview with a glowing and creative lady. For her, it is both a job and pleasure to create handmade jewelry. Meet the wonderful Mariela, the creator of the 8 room!

Would you please describe yourself in a few words?
My name is Mariela and am the person behind The 8 Room.

Every time I like saying different things about myself. I always find in difficult to give an answer to this question, because it depends on the moment I’m being asked.

One thing’s certain – I have a strong belief in my principles.

My emotions are quite contradictory.

My desire to be different always prevails in the choices I make.

I’m always thirsty for the world. All the time.

I’m overly tolerant, but am utter when it comes to the people I care about.

I drink coffee for hours. I’m squeamish.

I love, thank, give and seek attitude.

Patient and quite crafty – literally and metaphorically.

What inspired you to make handmade jewelry?
My desire to have extraordinary things – jewels, accessories, experiences, emotions, and more soon…

Turns out that every time I want to buy something one of a kind I just cannot find such. In nowadays’ world, and more precisely fashion, everyone wears the same “unique” pieces and looks the same way – copy/paste. And I say – delete!

Far from machines and extras – these are my accessories. Handmade especially to be individual and irreplaceable. I mainly work with leather and textiles. I define my style as adventurous, often asymmetrical in the lines, but symmetrical at the end.

You have an online store. Why did you choose the name THE 8 ROOM?
Yes. I’m so proud of my online shop. Recently it has been updated with a new modern layout and a customer-friendly outlook.

Behind The 8 Room there is a lot of hard work, reading and research. The name was not chosen accidentally, but after experimental brainstorming with a few of my acquaintances. I had some ideas in my head, but the outcome turned out more than cool.

The 8 Room is a brand and a private place for women who can find boutique fashion delight and where the senses are woken up for femininity and high fashion. In my opinion, every woman has or dreams of a ladies’ place such as a wardrobe or boudoir for her things – the room where only specially picked fashion items are stored. The number 8 is my personal touch to make the magic work.

Most of your jewels are black. Does that mean this is your favorite color?
My favorite color is turquoise, but black is my perfect reflection. There is a quote I really like: “I will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color”.

Black is the color which creates the best contrast and which helps every other tone from the palette to pop.

Have you ever thought of opening your own boutique?
Yes. I’m currently working on that and plan to partner up with other designers. So far, however, I will leave this as a partial answer and will reveal further information in the near future.

How much time does it take you to make one bracelet for example?
Some I make for 2 hours, my latest order, on the other hand, took me 3 days to fulfill. Depends either on the person, or on the design, and also if I have a clear idea of what I’m going to make.

Is jewelry your passion or is there something you find greater than that?
Life is my passion. Jewels are my way to express that.

Do you feel isolated from the world while creating?
Actually no, I feel even more connected to it then. I create personalized jewelry with attitude.

If you are offered to create jewels for a world-known celebrity, would you agree to do so?
I’m too young for that.

What do you dream about?
Not to skip my dreams.

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