Holiday Party Beauty Essentials

Merry Christmas, cheries! I wish you all not only merry and bright holidays, but also an unforgettable year full of health, luck, and happiness. As for today’s post – I have decided to show you my holiday party beauty essentials. After you’ve bought all the Christmas presents, it’s time to finally glam yourself up, right ladies? So here are my suggestions.

“Did I hear party? Just a second – let me put some glitter on!” Apart from the joke – if you really want great glittery eyeshadow, this by Sephora beats any other ones I’ve used before. Mine is in the shade Hawaiian Beach №221.

A little lipstick never hurt anybody! This particular one is a lip stain from Revlon and it really deserves to be in this essentials category because of its texture and easy application.

I was kindly gifted this perfume by the guys at Tommy Hilfiger a few months ago and I have been wearing it all the time ever since. It is quite a fresh scent but at the same time is appropriate for winter. So make sure you add some because as the great Coco Chanel says: “A girl who does not wear perfume has no future”.

This Boucheron cream leaves sparkles on your skin as well as a nice smell. I love wearing it on my hands for that extra finish. Do so especially if your showing a little bit of skin in your holiday outfit.

Of course, a sparkling look won’t be complete without glitter nails! You’ve seen this Ciaté one on my blog before. And perhaps its cuteness has inspired you to spice up your manicure right when you saw the picture!


Have a wonderful Christmas and an incredible New Year’s Eve! I will see you in the new post, which comes in only a few days. Stay tuned!



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