The Inspiring Cheries: Nikoleta Dzharova


This month’s inspiring person is a very talanted girl, who has improved a lot (not only fashionwise) in the last few years. Not only is she beautiful but extremely creative and innovative. I really like how she applies her personal style to everything she does. She has even had the chance to work with the leading brand of Viktor & Rolf. The name of this gorgeous Bulgarian is Nikoleta Dzharova.

Would you tell us a little about yourself for those who don’t know you?

I have studied fashion design in Amsterdam for four years. Since I remember myself I’ve been mastering various arts, but fashion has definitely remained my passion. At the moment I’m focused on designing prints and embroidery because I think that they personalise a piece even if it’s just a basic T-shirt.

What does fashion mean to you and has it changed the way you see the world?

I think that with fashion you can state an opinion on a particular topic, to show someone who you are and what makes you stand out in the crowd. All of this is up to the person and what they choose to wear from everything fashion offers us every season. In high fashion there is so much thought and hard work involved in order to make the desired statement clear for society.

What is even more inspiring to me is the fact that fashion is a major factor which defines a nation and shows its values.Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

What precious thing have you learned during your exciting internship for the well-known brand of Viktor &


Mostly that in order to reach the perfect piece there are many attempts required as well as a lot of research, and it doesn’t even matter what kind of brand we’re talking about. I was responsible for the making of some embroideries from the Haute Couture Fall 2016 collection, which taught me to be more patient and be careful about the quality and details.

Was this the most exciting thing which has happened to you in this department?

Yes, I was witness of how much work is actually involved in the making of a piece of clothing for high fashion and haven’t had the chance to see that with my eyes before. I even managed to meet and work with many inspiring people who motivated me to do my best to achieve my dreams.


Photography: Marina Coenen, Model: Valeriya Shae, Design: Nikoleta Djarova

What are you working on now?

I work for the brand called iNDiViDUALS, which was created by my university – Amsterdam Fashion Institute, which is a part of my studying process. During the next semester I’m going to work on a thesis, which I’m quite excited about.

How would you describe your style and how has it changed through the years?

I guess my style has experienced a lot of changes for the last 2 or 3 years and I’m sure there will be more awaiting. Right now I’d describe it as feminine, sensual, inspired by street fashion with some sport and unisex elements.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

What piece of advice would you give to the ones who want to work in fashion?

They should definitely be ready to invest long hours of work because fashion design requires physical labour as well. As a fashion undergraduate, I receive a lot of critisism about my work. This should always be taken into consideration so as to continue improving. That is why perseverance, as well as a strong opinion and individuality are required.

As you are November’s Inspiring Cherie, I have to ask you: what would you like to give the world?

Inspiration and hope for the future of not only fashion, but society as well.


Photography: Marina Coenen, Model: Valeriya Shae, Design: Nikoleta Djarova


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