The Inspiring Cheries: Teodora Koeva

Welcome to the newest series on the blog! Every month we will have a person who I’m going to interview and find out more about what their lifestyle and interests are. In the very first article from The Inspiring Cheries series, I’m introducing you to a young lady whose dreams are just about to come true. She is only in her early 20s, but she has gained experience we can all learn something from. Her name is Teodora Koeva and right from Italy’s fashion capital, she shares with us what she has been up to recently.


For those who don’t know you – would you please introduce yourself?

I have lived and studied in Milan for almost 3 years now. I used to study Fashion Design for a while, but at the moment I am taking a 3-year bachelor degree of Communication and Society. In my free time, I work backstage during every fashion week, thanks to an agency. Sometimes I write about fashion and culture for an Italian web portal.

What society doesn’t know about fashion?

People often have a different perspective of what fashion actually is. We have always been used to focusing on the designer, his collection, the fashion show and the trends he sets. However, less attention is paid to the people behind this and the enormous amount of tasks and problems they have to get on with.

Society regards fashion as a place where everything is easy and enjoyable, beautiful and magical but, unfortunately, work, stress and the day-and-night work behind such a ‘glamour’ are often being ignored.

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What has fashion taught you?

It has taught me to never give up, not to be afraid, to be consistent and patient because no school, no book or theory can show you what awaits you at your workplace and how you should act in a particular situation. You may succeed, but you may also fail. But in both situations, you learn something new.

Which has been your best fashion memory so far?

All my memories concerning fashion have always been wonderful and filled with loads of emotions. I still remember my two first fashion shows which I attended – Julian Zigerli and Costume National. Ermanno Scervino were the first to send me an invitation for their show when I started writing about fashion.


 What is your goal you are aiming at now?

Firstly, I want in the following 1 or 2 years to finish my education and meanwhile gain more experience in the fashion department. We can only guess what will follow up.

As you are September’s Inspiring Cherie, I have to ask you: what would you like to give the world?

A desire for creation, beauty, combined with plenty of persistence and patience.

With Dean and Dan from Dsquared2:


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