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Hello, cheries! I am so happy to be living in the beginning of such a high-technology era when beauty makes such a major step forward! Yesterday I went to a cocktail where the newest cosmetic skin care range by the well-known Swedish brand Orfilame was presented. It’s called Nov Age and is a result of hard work of scientists and other experts. This new series is focused on bringing back youth into women’s outer confidence. In simple words, removing the unwanted aging features from the face. There are 3 series of NovAge: True Perfection (20+), Ecolagen (30+) and Ultimate Lift (40+). All coming from one of the healthiest plants with the most revolutional formulas, all here to help your skin look its best at any age.

True Perfection (20+)


NovAge True Perfection is ideal for the busy 20+ woman whose skin has lost its natural glow and has become dull. This series also helps to prevent from the appearance of the first fine lines and wrinkles. True Perfection has also proved to remove the imperfections of the ski – rises the levels of hydration immediately, adds natural glow and closes the pores. The extract of albicia cleanses the skin from the inside. The plant stem cells from acai berry maintain the health of the cells and offer an anti-oxidant protection from the free radicals – one of the main reasons for skin aging.

Perfect for: Dull skin with open pores.13043711_814666591999472_4682222206395224858_n

Ecolagen (30+)


NovAge Ecolagen fights against the breakdown of collagen by activating the natural recovering mechanisms in the skin. The patented tripeptide complex is a combination of 3 plant-based peptides, whick work to increase the collagen levels and to prevent oxidantive stress. The powerful extract of plant stem cells from petunia also increase the collagen levels by counteracting the enzymes which cause its decomposition. Ecollagen fills the wrinkles in 3 dimentions – length, width and depth.

Reduces wrinkles to 33%.

Perfect for: Wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, around the mouth.


Ultimate Lift (40+)


NovAge Ulimate Lift is perfect for sagging skin.This series has plant stem cells from summer lilac that help maintain skin elasticity. It also contains active ingredients – AspartoLift, which target the fibrobplasts. Fibrobplasts are cells which synthesize collagen but after a certain age they become hard and do not function as before. Oriflame’s scientists treated such cells with AspartoLift and they became able to do the same expected work as in cells 20 years younger than them!

Perfect for: Sagging skin: wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, around the mouth.


“Inspired by you. Led by science. With the power of nature.”



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