DIY: Paper Magazine Diamond


Hello everyone! Today’s post is connected to the material that I work with very often at my fashion design courses – paper! It’s more than impressive how many things we can do with it, it has nothing similar to the things you can do with photoshop. What I’ve prepared for you is a diamond-looking collage made from triangles with patterns from magazine pages. It’s just a little time-consuming, but much worth it and fun to do when bored or have some extra time to waste πŸ™‚


What you’ll need:

  • magazines to choose images from
  • a large piece of paperΒ 
  • knife/scissors
  • glue

DSC_0682Out of cardboard or simply paper make a triangle so that you can use it to measure your triangles that you’re going to stick to the paper later.


Now using a knife or scissors cut triangles of the same size.You will need 14 of them – could be any pattern or image you like depending on the colours you’d like to use.DSC_0695After your collection of triangles is complete, put them the way I’ve shown above, stick them with the glue to the lagre piece of paper leaving about 1 cm distance between each one to create a 3D effect and you’re done! Would be happy to see your images! Happy crafting πŸ™‚

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