DIY: How to make your own baulbe necklace

DSC_0149Good evening, people! Today’s article is actually a lil’ surprise for you as I’ve told you earlier that I’m only doing DIYs in December. My whole idea of this ‘crafty’ experience is to help you make amazing things with your own hands for much cheaper than in the stores.
This particular can be regarded as a hodiday-related DIY as well since you can wear it during a dinner party, some kind of event or even when you’re Christmas shopping rocking your necklace and looking absolutely chic! It’s very easy – you just need the nerves and time to make it 🙂



What you will need:

  • Plastic beads (could be any type, size & color you want – I obviously chose pearls since I love them)
  • Headpins
  • Jump rings
  • A chain or some kind of ribbon, which will suit your necklace
  • Toggles or lobster claws
  1. catsThe first thing you should do is get a bead and a headpin.
  2. Loop the headpin through the bead.
  3. Chop the excess part of the metal.
  4. Using a round nose plier, create a loop.
  5. You now have a charm that can be used as an earing or just one little bead around your neck.


But if you want to continue in order to make your bauble necklace, you have to make a big number of these. Once you get this, everything becomes much easier and faster.


  1. After you’ve made the desired quantity of charms, take a jump ring, open it with the pliers and put 3 of the beads.
  2. For the second jump ring – add 2 beads.
  3. Add the second jump ring to the first one and then close both rings. You can see how your bauble is forming!


Continue adding 3 beads to a jump ring & then 2 to another and keep varying that until you get to your desired length. You can create a whole necklace out of bauble, but if you want the bauble part to be just in the front, stop when it’s fine for you depending on how you’d like it to look.

DSC_0137Once you’re done, take your toggles or lobster claw and attach them to your chain/ribbon. I sewed my ribbon and then tied it just to be sure.


And you now have a pretty necklace that will dazzle everyone with its chicness! Good job!


I really hope you enjoyed my first DIY. Make sure you come back soon for more articles!

Love ya xo


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