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    DIY: How to make your own baulbe necklace

    Hey everyone! In this post, I’m going to show you how to make this beautiful necklace from scratch. It is a great gift you can make to any woman you love or simply wear it yourself! What you will need: Plastic beads (could be any type, size & color you want – I obviously chose pearls since I love them) Headpins Jump rings A chain or some kind of ribbon, which will suit your necklace Toggles or lobster claws The first thing you should do is get a bead and a headpin. Loop the headpin through the bead. Chop the excess part of the metal. Using a round nose plier,…

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    A Stroll in the garden

    As winter is fastly approaching, I try to seize the opportunity every time the sun is not covered up by clouds. I visited my best friend’s for a few days in Sofia. We devoted our time in the garden enjoying the view and talking about different topics from the most stupid to the most thoughtful and philosophical.  

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    Sunday Morning

    Happy Sunday morning, people! I’m so glad to write this post today when I can simply talk to you guys about some upcoming projects for my blog that can excite both me and you! November’s been going pretty smoothly for its fisrt half, although it’s been getting colder and rain has been hanging around all over Europe. Nevertheless, in order to get you excited for the holiday season and help you feel cozy and relaxed, I’ve come up with some ideas. 🙂 But before we head to the Christmas spirit, expect some autumn photoshoots with new outfits – hope I inspire you to be more creative with your wardrobe and…

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    Autumn & My Coffee

    Spent a few days with my best friend in Sofia. We decided to buy some warm coffee to help us against the crispy weather. Of course, as it is fall time, we couldn’t resist and bought the Pumpkin Spice Latté, which is undeniably one of my favorite fall beverages ever! It is so smooth, delicious and sweet… Starbucks says it all: “Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove? Check. Creamy milk for a delicious taste and texture? Check. Real pumpkin pie spices atop whipped cream? Check. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back – with all the amazing ingredients that make it a beloved fall favorite. Stop on by and celebrate the season.”  Also, for…